Seoul – Busan Solo Trip in Spring 2018 (Part 7 : Back To Nature)

Another story from my last solo trip in Seoul and Busan will be brought to you today. So, it almost comes to the end story. Maybe the last 3 or 2 parts from whole. And again, i want to say thank you from the deepest of my heart for all readers who have read my story from Part 1, until this Part 7. I am so grateful to have you guys, my loyal readers.

In this Part 7, i will share about parks i have visited during my trip. Why parks? Because i am a big fan of parks. Parks are the best places to relax and spend time with the nature. And it costs zero to just walk and hang around park also. So, big yes for parks.



Review : Pond’s Angel Face (Face Powder)

So after a super busy week at my office, today i finally have time to write something here. I want to share my thought about my current favorite daily face powder and yes it is my blog post title now, Pond’s Angel Face (Face Powder).

This face powder came with 3 types and they are Pinkish White Glow (pink), Natural Mattifying (blue), and BB Magic Powder (beige). I just bought the pink and blue one, so i have no review about the beige one. And here is both of them.


Let Me Introduce You to My New Mates (SONY Audio Devices)

Good morning good people. Let’s make a break between my trip posts today. So, i have just bought these things this week and can’t wait to show them off to the world. Why? Because i am so happy that finally i can make them my belonging.

I am not sure if i have ever mentioned it before that i am a big fan of SONY audio devices. I got my first SONY audio thing when i was at 5th grade. It was SONY Walkman Model : D-CJ501 which my mom gave me as a birthday present. It was one of high end electronic device back in that time, and i was so proud to have it. And fyi, it is still in good condition and i am using it also to play my audio CDs until now. What a great quality for electronic devices, right? So, it is the reason why i have faithful with this brand.

Guess what, 2 new mates in the line. That’s why i use “mates” instead of “mate” on the title. And yes, i got 2 new SONY audio device which i will tell you more about them now.


Seoul – Busan Solo Trip in Spring 2018 (Part 6 : Feeling the History)

Good day good readers. I feel really grateful to reach this part in sharing my solo trip in Seoul – Busan story and also kinda proud of my commitment to keep writing it.

So, in this Part 6, i wanna share about my experience visiting some historic places. I didn’t spend much time there, since there was a lot of people and the weather was too sunny and hot.

The places i put in this category are palace, traditional living area (village), and memorial landmark. The ancient and traditional visual were enough to take you back to the historic era.


Seoul – Busan Solo Trip in Spring 2018 (Part 5 : Holy Way & Officially 28 !!!)

Time for Part 5 today. Welcome back to the next part of my solo trip in Seoul and Busan this spring. It has already half of the whole story, so i really appreciate all readers who keep reading and following my journal.

A friend of mine confused by the way i am parting my story into this many parts. So, i want to answer her wonder now. My concept of this journal is a serial story and the way i am parting it is based on the category of the things or places i have visited which is related (a.k.a similar) to each other, and make a title to every parts of them. It seems like a sequel and i love it.

From the title of this part, you can guess what place i visited. And yes, they are related to religion place. I visited two worship places, one was church and the other one was temple.


Seoul – Busan Solo Trip in Spring 2018 (Part 4 : Heaven-like Universities)

Another day with another story. Today i come with Part 4 of my solo trip in Seoul and Busan this latest April – May. I am quite surprised that i can continue sharing my story until this part. I hope that i can keep committing and consistent until the last part.

For this part, i am going to share about my universities touring during my day in Seoul. I could just surround the common area and it has already taken hours, they have sure super huge area. But sadly, i could only visit 2 universities because of lack of time. I should make a special time to visit South Korea again just to explore the other i didn’t make time visiting this trip. Anyway, i really enjoyed my chillin time there.


Seoul – Busan Solo Trip in Spring 2018 (Part 3 : Colorful Journey)

Have a colorful day everyone and welcome back to another story of my solo trip in Seoul – Busan this spring. The weather was so cool and nice back then with a quite humid wind which was really my ideal condition to walk around and explore as much as i can. So, i could not be happier than that. Walking through the neighboorhood with the cool wind touched my skin was an incredible moment for me. I was so grateful and felt blessed for this wonderful moment in my lifetime.

Okay, back to the focus, in this part 3, i am going to share about my adventure in colorful spots in Seoul and Busan. I think i have a chromatophilia symptoms because of my love for colors is too much and yes, i always look for colorful spots every time and everywhere i travel. The colorful spots are all handmade by local artists. All are so original and genuine. I got so much peace of soul just by admiring and adoring the colors and shapes. Artistic is really my thing for sure.